All proceeds of the Carolina Quarantine Project are given directly to the artists.  This is our way of supporting the creative arts during such an unprecidented time.  We thank you for sharing your support with us!


Featuring songs written by Carolina duos while sheltering in place.

Releases June 1st.  Due to delays with Covid-19, we are hoping to ship the vinyl album July 15th.



Tom Eure & Amelia Osborne 

“Check it Out Troy”

Charlotte, NC


Baats & The Afterglow - Uninspired

(Gabrielle & Jacob)


Newport, NC


Couldn’t Be Happiers 

(Jodi & Jordan)

“The Last Hike”

Winston-Salem, NC


Admiral Radio 

(Coty & Becca)

“Troubles of Man”

Columbia, SC


Sometimes Lions

(Sarah & Stephen)


Greenville, NC


Migrant Birds

(Spencer & Tara)

“Lay it Down”

Winston-Salem, NC


Prettier Than Matt

(Jessica & Jeff)

“Flower in the Sidewalk”

Columbia, SC


The Ghosts of Liberty

(Em & Ty)

”This Town”

Greensboro, NC


Neville's Quarter

(Lex & Brian)

“Silent Spring”

Chapel Hill, NC


His & Hers

(Caleb & Sara)

 “Unemployed Blues”

Mocksville, NC

Vinyl Album "Silent Spring"